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Shoot through the hordes in an attempt to escape their reach.

Don't let the illusion of a full clip fool you: there's always one more of them you may have missed.

In Mite you must clear stages full of undead and escape to the next area in hopes that you'll have what it takes to survive the sudden outbreak. Rack up streaks to return some ammo to your stash, and heal lightly.

Contains music ©2019 Joshua McLean (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


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Mite 1.6.1b 5 MB
Mite 1.6b 5 MB
Mite 1.5b 5 MB
Mite 1.4b 5 MB
Mite 1.3b 5 MB
Mite 1.2b 2 MB
Mite 1.1b 2 MB

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Watch Jam Game Showcase 2019-04-12 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Thanks for playing my game and for your feedback! I've taken notes while watching and will change/improve some things, such as zombies seeing through fog immediately. It does feel unfair to an extent but I also want people to be cautious going into rooms.

You do have to kill zombies to exit to the next stage, you did miss that bit! ;D

Some other notes:

  • Zombies aren't actually infinite in number, the "always one more of them" thing was simply trying to get people to not waste shots, but I definitely see why that could be confusing.
  • I'm currently working on improving the tutorial to explain bullet types a bit better, and have removed the Slug, or Burst, type to replace it with a radar tool that shows the remaining number of zombies in your current stage.
  • Splats from you and enemies are intentionally left draw over walls to let you have a better idea of where you have been.
  • The fog is actually drawn on its own layer over zombies, pickups, and other things inside the room, but I'm going to experiment with some way to have the zombies blinded while in the fog so they don't rush out at you right away without you knowing of their existence.
  • The ammo bar certainly isn't a good way of counting your bullets, and will be changed to represent health. Ammo will then be a separate count somewhere else.

Thanks again!

- L